Day thirty-seven – wahhh…

Today: 238.0 / LDW: 239.6 / Net: -1.6

Okay. Today I feel really icky… Hungry, light headed, listless…
Well, not all day. I felt absolutely fine this morning. But, around the time I usually take my 2nd drop dose of the day, I started feeling really bad.  I’m fairly certain this means the hCG is pretty close to out of my system. I read today that the homeopathic stuff actually goes out of your system a lot faster, since it’s so watered down. That, if you’re on the homeopathic,  you only stay on the VLCD for 48 hours, instead 0f 72.  That’s good. Because I REALLY don’t think I can handle all day tomorrow feeling like this.

So, I’m going to go veg on the couch until a reasonable time to go to bed… and tomorrow it’s Omelet Time!

I did go over the 500 calories today, just because I was feeling so icky. I had a poached egg before work, then I ended up eating a serving of melba before lunch, after my apple snack. Then, when I got home from work, I ate a Cocoa Crack piece & had a cup of Coco-pro in a small cup of coffee. THEN, with dinner, I ate an extra 50 grams of strawberries. *sigh* Still feel worn down & light headed. Not starving, though, so that’s good.

My day~
Breakfast was a poached egg & coffee
Snack was an apple
2nd snack was wheat melba
Lunch was 100g beef & 130g Brussels sprouts
Snack was cocoa-crack & Coco-pro
Dinner was 100g chicken (cooked in cinnamon), 85g fresh spinach, & 150g strawberries (all in a salad with a tsp of cider vinegar)

Water count: 100 oz

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4 thoughts on “Day thirty-seven – wahhh…

  1. Stumble upon your post. Sorry to hear you are not feeling good 😦 I am not a big fan of the HCG, but kuddos to you on your achievements. I am a wellness coach and help people with their weight loss goals. Feel free to contact me when you are off the HCG. Good luck! and hope you feel better tomorrow.

    • Thanks for your concern. 🙂 Come to find out, I was catching a bug that had been making the rounds in my office (I’m now full-blown sick) and I just started TOM – which is why I was so dang hungry. Other than feeling like poo from this bug, I was fine this morning.
      I understand you not being a fan of the hCG protocol. Many aren’t. It is definitely not for everyone. It’s a very severe and strict diet. However, I discussed it with my doctor, and this was the path we chose. It is absolutely not a long-term thing. It’s a short-term kick in the butt to get my weight down to where my Fibromyalgia isn’t working with the extra weight in inhibiting my ability to exercise.

  2. 1.6 at the tail end of HCG? Atta Girl!

  3. Good jod lady!… :-)… Hope you feel better

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