Day thirty-six / First no-drop day / T-3 days to low-carb

Today’s weight: 239.0
today’s change: -0.6
net change: -28.4

I got the day off work today, to make up for having to put so many hours in this past weekend. It was nice. 🙂  I slept in a bit (well… I got up at 7 instead of 6:30 lol).  Went and saw my nail lady (Yvette is awesome), saw my chiropractor (ahhh… happy neck adjustments), did some shopping…   Kept myself really busy.
Still haven’t managed to get Christmas lights on the house – may just not happen this year. Maybe I’ll get to it Saturday. If I don’t though, it means that it won’t happen this year for sure.

I managed to get in some dance-exercise this evening, so that was awesome. I did a 20 minute ‘fitness’ session on Dance Central 2 on my Xbox Kinect. I forgot to put my heart-rate monitor on, but I worked up a sweat & my heart was definitely pumpin’!  GOD, I missed exercising! It felt so good!  I know I’m not really supposed to add it back in for a few more days, but I kept it a short one, and I really really wanted to! LOL

Today was no problem with staying on VLC. But, I figure I’ve still got hCG coursing through my body, so that probably helps. It’ll probably be the next two days that’ll be rough.

Well, I’ve got to get up and go to work in the morning (meh), so that’s all you get today. 🙂

My day~
Breakfast was a poached egg & coffee
Lunch was 100g beef & 85g green beans
Snack was an apple & coffee
Dinner was 100g mahi mahi & 130g yellow squash in tumeric

Water count: 80 oz

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2 thoughts on “Day thirty-six / First no-drop day / T-3 days to low-carb

  1. How is the kinect thing? I have a Wii and exerise on wii fit.

    • So far, I’m really enjoying it. You don’t have to hang on to a controller, since ‘you are the controller’. LOL I

      I’ve got the Wii as well. But Wii Fit made me angry. I think what made me the most irritated was every time I got on the Wii Fit board, it would “OHHHF” at me! Talk about a negative reinforcement! Heh. I should pull it out and see what it says now that I’ve lost 30 pounds! (Of course, it’ll probably still say “oohhf” and make my Mii look fat… *sigh*)

      The straight exercise games for the Kinect are pretty cool, but what I really love are the dance games – because you’re exercising, but not ‘exercising’. (Sort of like I used to use my DanceDanceRevolution for my PlayStation2 way more than the Wii Fit as well.) You’re working up a sweat & getting your heart rate going but not feeling like you’re grinding away at something like the boxing or hula hoop.

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