Day thirty-five – R1P2 last drop day

Today’s weight: 239.6
today’s change: -1.0
net change: -27.8

Woo! I’ve hit a new ten-spot!!
Of course, I know that over the next three weeks I’m going to bounce back and forth over it… But that’s okay by me. It’s expected, and that means I should be able to wave buh-bye to the 230’s on my next round (and hopefully the 220’s as well) that I’ll be starting in February.

I decided to go ahead and cycle with Hubby, so I can enjoy Jack-Jack’s birthday party without stressing out. That means that today, day thirty-five, ends round 1 drops. Three more days of VLCD and I’ll phase into R1P3 – low carb. (Yay!)

Actually, it turns out to be really good timing across the board.  I just joined a Biggest Loser Challenge on SparkPeople. Where fitness minutes count for just as much as weight lost. So, since I’ll be pretty much maintaining my weight for the next six weeks… it’s good that I’ll be doing low carb so I can exercise!  It kicked off today. It should be a lot of fun to participate in.  There aren’t any prizes, like the last Biggest Loser thing I did, but the pride of losing weight and getting fit is good motivation for me. 🙂  Perhaps I’ll use my prizes from the last BL challenges (two dance games for my Xbox & a heart-rate watch) to keep it moving for this one!

My day~
Drops at 6:00, 1:00, & 8:00
Breakfast was a poached egg & coffee
Lunch was 100g beef & 110g Brussels sprouts
Dinner was 100g chicken, 130g broccoli, 1 tbsp fresh pureed parsley with lemon juice
Dessert was an apple

Water count: 100 oz!

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