Day thirty-four – I’m tooorrrnnnnn….

Today’s weight: 240.6
today’s change: -0.6
net change: -26.8

So. Here’s the dilemma…
I just got confirmation of my God-son’s birthday party.
It’s Sunday. At a pizza parlor.
Now, if I were to continue my drops as initially planned (ending on day 37 to coincide with Roomie’s 21st day), this would make the party my second no-drop day. Yah know, day two of the three days I’m supposed to continue with the VLCD.  Which means that I will be tortured by my favorite thing – cheese.  I can totally pass up the cake & ice cream… I’ve never been a real big ‘sweets’ person. But that heavenly melty cheese…
My other option  is to have TOMORROW be my last drop day. Which will coincide with Hubby’s 21st day. That would make the party my first low-carb (P3) day. Would mean I only did 35 days of drops this round and probably only lose a bit over 27 pounds.

I guess the real dilemma is… Do I torture myself with the smell of cheese over another couple of pounds of possible loss? Or, do I just stop where I am tomorrow and move into the next phase (knowing I’m going to do another round in February).

I guess I’ll make the final call tomorrow… LOL

My day~
Drops at 8:30, 2:30, & 8:30
Breakfast was coffee & water
Snack was an apple & tea
Lunch was 110g crab & 110g celery in a ‘dressing’ of 1tbsp Fage w/ dill & mustard
Dinner was 100g beef, 120g cabbage, 1 tbsp fresh salsa
Dessert was 100g strawberries & melba

Water count: 100 oz!

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3 thoughts on “Day thirty-four – I’m tooorrrnnnnn….

  1. Not that the vote of a total stranger counts for much, but being able to sit through the party, enjoy the company and know you are stronger than the cheese, would be super cool and is the type of ego boost that can keep you motivated in future days. Also consider this, is it “good” pizza, or just pizza? If it’s just every day pizza, skip it, and promise yourself a slice of the good stuff when you are on P4.

    • It’s a party for a 6 year old… Not sure how much adult time there would be. LOL
      It’s not really the whole pizza concept that throws me… While I do love pizza, I also have good self control (usually). It’s just the cheese! I get fixated! I’ve always been a big dairy eater, so this has definitely been the roughest part of this diet…
      Right now, I’m leaning toward not trying for another 5 lbs & making Jack-Jack happy by eating some of his birthday dinner. But *shrug* we’ll see. I waffle on stuff like this until decision time. 🙂

  2. LOL- Then seriously, skip the pizza. Then after the phase ends get some REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good cheese the kind that is making my mouth water right now :-p Don’t let mediocre cheese throw you off your commitment! If your going to throw in the towel for cheese it ought to be extra sharp Tillamook, or a fine brie, or a nutty blue…. not 7 year old birthday pizza cheese!! NOoooooooooo!!!!!!

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