Day thirty-three – four to go to next phase!

Today’s weight: 241.2
today’s change: -0.4
net change: -26.2

Well, today is R1P2D33 – I’m almost to the end of this round. I’m doing 37 drop days on this round, rather than 40, because I want to be able to participate a bit in my office Christmas party.  🙂
Wow. It’s taken forever, but it’s also just flown by.  I’m really hoping I’ll manage to hit 235… but beggars can’t be choosers, and I’ll just be happy being in the 230’s at all!

So, I was worried that it looks like my losses are slowing. That I’ve “only” been losing 0.4 & 0.6 a day lately. That I’ve “only” lost 26 pounds so far… But, then I did the math. I’m averaging almost 0.8 pounds lost a day! THAT is nothing to sneer at, self! So, “only” doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot, really. Yeah, I haven’t hit that 35-40 pounds that others have lost… but I might have, if I’d gone a full 40 days. I’ve done pretty darn good, I think.

I don’t know that the cocoa-crack really did anything for me… So, not eating any tonight & we’ll see how I do tomorrow.  I actually think my water counts have been off, which could be part of the slow losses & not ‘moving’.  I realized the water bottle I switched to (because it was a nice flip-top bottle, rather than refilling SmartWater bottles.LOL) was about 10 oz SMALLER than the bottles I’d been using. Which means those days that I was barely squeeking in my 10 cups, I was actually around 30 oz shy! Yikes.
So, I’ve gone back to carrying 3 of the 1L bottles in a shoulder bag with me throughout the day. That way I always see where I stand (or float, as the case may be).

Today was a HungryDay. I was starving this morning… tummy grumbling… so I decided to up my protein today. I ate a poached egg for breakfast (and it was MAH-VAH-LOUS) along with my coffee and decided to forego my second fruit. Hopefully that won’t trip me up. But, I really wasn’t going to suffer until my apple snack at 11.

Oh my gosh… I read this article today on how a study shows that MRIs are a waste of money when people are going in for sciatica epidurals.  I about lost my shit. (And, of course, no where on the website is a place for feedback on said article!) *I* went in to the doctor to see about getting an epidural for my severe sciatic pain. And my doc ordered an MRI before we set the injection appointment.  If we hadn’t? We would not have found that gosh darn cyst that was impinging my nerve cluster! You know… the one I just had to have back surgery for?? *rassa frassa stupid people* They would have just topped me off with pain killers, stuffed me full of steriods, and sent me on my way without that ‘pointlessly expensive’ test.

Okay. Enough of that. Can you tell it riled me up?? Now to drink some tea & curl up with the doggies and a book so I can wind down before I need to be asleep!

My day~
Drops at 8:30, 1:30, & 7:00
Breakfast was a poached egg, coffee & water
Snack was an apple
Lunch was 100g shrimp & 150g cucumber in a ‘dressing’ of 1tbsp Fage w/ dill & paprika (OMG, SO GOOD!)
Dinner was Chicken Florentine soup & garlic melba

Water count: 100 oz!

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One thought on “Day thirty-three – four to go to next phase!

  1. Wow! Great losses per day and .4 to .8 is fantastic! You have had a very successful round and should be really proud of your success!

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