Day thirty-one – on-call shifts suck…

Today’s weight: 242.2
today’s change: -0.8
net change: -25.2

So much for a weekend… I’ve put in right around 5 hours today. And I’ll have several hours tomorrow as well. *sigh* Oh well, at least I’m employed, yes? And, maybe I can take a half-day some time this week to compensate. Go shopping or something…

I made chili today. And GOD, IT WAS GOOD! (If I do say so myself.) Perfect weather for it, too… it’s FREEZING lately. Not that I pay any attention to my surroundings lately. LOL I ran out the door to drive to my office this morning. Didn’t even think about grabbing a coat… it wasn’t until I was half-way there -I only live a mile from the office- that I realized it was bloody cold. Looked at the car’s readout… Yeah. 29 degrees. With no coat. A rocket-scientist, I am!

In between working today, Bestie came over so she, Roomie, & I could play WoW together. I’m a great big nerd… LAN Party!! LOL

Has anyone else had weird sleeping patterns with the hCG? I’ve been waking up WIDE AWAKE at 4am-ish! It’s driving me batty… I can’t get back to sleep, so I end up either laying there wide awake or I get up start puttering around the house. Makes me feel like my grandma… she used to get up at unholy hours and just start doing housework!

My day~
Drops at 7:30, 1:30, & 7:30
Breakfast was coffee & water
Snack was an apple
Lunch was 100g chicken & 130g cucumber + tea
Dinner was Chili (recipe below) and garlic melba.

Water count: 80 oz (+24 oz hot tea)

Chili a la hCG

(This really isn’t very different from my standard low-carb chili… the only change, really, was using fresh tomatoes instead of canned!)
Warning: This counts the tomatoes as a fruit serving & uses mushrooms – which isn’t strict protocol.

400g extra lean ground beef
400g fresh tomatoes
460g fresh mushrooms
3 tbsp dehydrated onion
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp chili powder

Brown the ground meat with the seasonings (add a little water to reconstitute the onion or used fresh diced onion).
Puree 3/4 of the tomatoes & dice the rest.
Dump everything into a crock pot and stir.
Cook on low heat for 6+ hours  (or high for 3+ hours).


Serving Size: 4 servings
per serving: 188.9 kcal / 5.1g fat / 12.8g carb / 25.1g protein

Note: I often make this using ground turkey instead of beef. This will lower the calories & fat a bit.

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2 thoughts on “Day thirty-one – on-call shifts suck…

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