Day twenty-nine – 2.75″ lost this week!

Today’s weight: 243.4
today’s change: -0.8
net change: -24.0

Wow. Twenty-four pounds gone so far. I’m giddy! (And swimming in my clothes…)

I think we’ve nailed Roomie’s diet issues. Upped her protein a bit yesterday & got her taking some potassium & B-12. She actually ended up gaining a pound… but, she was losing super-fast, so she’s not upset. And, it’s pretty likely water weight, she thinks. We’ll see how her weigh-in goes in the morning to see if we’ve licked it. (She also thinks she was just still really sick from the creeping crud…)

Bestie, on the other hand… She thinks she’s figured out the problems she’s been having. And this means she’s stopping the hCG.  Almost no weight loss in a week, weak, mopey, constantly thirsty…. She just realized today that this reaction is probably having something to do with the fact that she’s allergic to hormonal birth control! Neither of us twigged on that. *sigh* So, she’s stopping the drops, and will transition into P3/4 and then have to figure out another weight loss method.
Sucks that this won’t work for her, since I’m having such great luck with it… but allergies are allergies!!

So, the Coco-pro doesn’t seem to have caused any problems for me… I’m going to try blending a scoop with my strawberries tonight for dessert. See what happens tomorrow. 🙂

Ooh, I made my sweet & sour shrimp again tonight. And this time, rather than cooking the liquid down over the shrimp (which made ’em a bit shrinkey & rubbery last time), I shredded some cabbage and used the remaining liquid for steaming/sauteeing it. Uber yum!!

I’m short on calories today, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it… That’s all my fruit, veg, protein, PLUS a serving of melba!

My day~
Drops at 8:30,2:30, & 8:00
Breakfast was coffee & water
Snack was an apple and tea
Lunch was 100g chicken & 110g romaine lettuce + tea
Dinner was 100g Sweet & Sour Shrimp and 130g shredded cabbage.
Dessert is 100g strawberries, Coco-pro, & melba.

Water count: 80 oz (+36 oz hot tea)

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6 thoughts on “Day twenty-nine – 2.75″ lost this week!

  1. Well done! You’re progressing really fast.


  2. Sorry your friend had such trouble, has she tried Fat Flush? I think it’s more like a detox but I liked it and know many who use it. Also- doc just told me about “metagenics”. I haven’t researched much, so can’t advocate either way, just sharing what I know.

    • She’ll probably transition into a “Clean Eating” style. It’s really similar to how she ate anyway…
      The biggest problem she’s run into, which made her weight creep up, is that she blew out her knee a few years back. And she went from VERY VERY active to very little active.

      I did really well on Fat Flush, also (very similar to Clean Eating, actually).
      I honestly think, over the years, I wasn’t *ready* to lose weight & keep it off. Exercise was hell-sent, I didn’t WANT to eat healthy. Now, I’m ready. And I enjoy some exercise. And I have goals that require me to be much fitter.

  3. HCGtoenergy

    Yum, so glad you like the Cocopro! I was able to enjoy for the first week or so but then inadvertently overdosed one day without realising it and since then, whenever I have a glass, I don’t lose… grrrr! Such a pity since it’s so delicious! 🙂 Hey, I just realised that I am allowed prawns and aspargus… I had no idea! I can’t wait to go out and get some, it will expand my meal choices vastly, nyom nyom nyom!

    • I really don’t know if I can use it regularly, though. While I lost fine yesterday, today I’m only down 0.4 *shrug* I’ll lay off of it for a few days & then try it again and see. I can be weirdly sensitive to artificial sweeteners, so…

      Yes! Prawns & asparagus are perfectly on protocol. Enjoy!

  4. Dang, I’d better keep moving here or you’re going to catch me and pass me with your weight loss! I’m just a few pounds lighter than you, for the moment.

    Glad Roomie is better, and sorry about Bestie.

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