Day twenty-eight – We All Rotate…

Today’s weight: 244.2
today’s change: -1.2
net change: -23.2

It was a really long day at work, I’m still fighting off the creeping crud going around the office, and my back is unhappy with the cold weather.


So, hubby is doing great on the diet so far. He’s down 10.4 pounds. Yay!
Roomie is down over 12 pounds, but she’s been having some light headed problems. Feeling generally icky.  Reading several forums, we’ve figured that she’ll give a shot with upping her protein a bit (110-130g instead of 100) and take some potassium & B-12. See if that helps. She was all ready to give up today & just go off the drops. I convinced her to stick with it for a few more days, with these mods. She may also try eating an egg in the mornings.  I figure, as long as she’s keeping it under 700 kcal, she will still be losing weight. She’s been losing so fast that upping her calories shouldn’t cause issues. (Her losses have been running 1.8-2.2 a day lately!)  Hopefully this works, I really don’t want to see her give up because it makes her feel icky.
And, then, Bestie seems to be stalled. Less than a pound in the past 4 days combined. *sigh*  Just goes to prove that no two people will have exactly the same reaction to something.  Hopefully some of the changes we’ve talked about will help. (I don’t want to see you give up, either, Bestie. 😉 )

I ordered some Coco-pro last week and it arrived today.  It’s a cocoa powder, probiotics, and some other stuff in a green tea base.  It tastes – interesting – but not bad. I could very much taste the green tea. 🙂  It’s 10 calories per serving, no fat, no milk, no protein, <1 carb. So, we’ll see tomorrow if it was a bad move. The website touts that it’s “perfect” for the hCG diet. (Of course.) If it doesn’t cause problems, I’m looking forward to a ‘mocha’ tomorrow. 😀

My day~
Drops at 8:00,1:45, & 8:00
Breakfast was coffee & water
Snack was an apple and tea
Lunch was 100g beef & 125g tomatoes (with chili spices) + 1 serving Coco-pro
Dinner was 125g chicken & 100g Brussels sprouts.
Dessert is 100g strawberries.

(clocked in at only 503 calories!)

Water count: 88 oz (+36 oz hot tea)

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5 thoughts on “Day twenty-eight – We All Rotate…

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great, congratulations.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Good job not only sticking with it, but helping cheer others on too! Your doing great!

    • Thanks! I really appreciate the support from you guys who read my posts. I know they’re not always the most thrilling… But knowing you’re out there keeps me honest!

  3. Wow, you’re doing great! Congrats on the continued success.

    Is roomie eating in the morning? You helped me with my blood sugar issues so that was the first thing I thought of with her. Maybe she could try walking instead of running, less strenuous exercise and see if that makes a difference? I’ve also heard some people have detoxing symptoms for the first week or two and don’t feel well, and if you wait it out you feel better after that.

    I hope YOU feel better! As soon as it clears up and warms up here I’m sending you some warm Florida sunshine!

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