Day twenty-seven – Damn “the man”…

Today’s weight: 245.4
today’s change: -0.8
net change: -22.0

Okay. First off, let’s recognize the giant pink elephant in the corner. The FDA. Jerks.
Has anyone else read that stuff? It’s all over the news, even. The FDA & FTC are cracking down on over the counter hCG products, stating they’re illegal. They’ve declared that producers have to pull their stuff from the shelves. Not sure exactly how that will all shake down, but if there’s a store that you frequent for your hCG, and you’re going to need to replenish soon, you’re going to want to probably do that now, just to be safe. What many don’t realize (especially those outside the US), it’s really all about the money. It’s expensive to get a ‘drug’ approved through the FDA. And, just because there hasn’t been a ‘paid study’ in the US… You would think the success of so many people would count for something. I mean, REALLY, just because it’s a current ‘fad’ doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been OVER 40 YEARS OF USAGE FOR DIETING!

Oh. Um. *gains composure*

I’m contemplating going to the injections (or at least mix-it-myself sublingual) for my next round, so that should bypass this whole fooferah all together. Has anyone seen those hCG patches? That looked interesting… new patch every 3 days. Actually has the same ingredients that my drops have. $60 for 10 patches (30 day supply). Sounds interesting, but the down side is that you can’t up your dosage a bit if you’re still fighting the hungries.

Anyhoo… I’m fighting the office crud that’s going around. Felt uber crappy all day. I’m going to drink some more tea & go to bed early tonight. Hopefully fall asleep early as well. (Gotta love insomnia…)

My back is healing pretty well. I’m doing a bit of walking in the afternoons… It’s FREAKING COLD lately, though, so I don’t want to stay out very long. It’s nice to get away from my desk, but I’m usually so dang busy that by the time I get back from my lap of the building (10-12 minutes, tops), I’ve got stuff already stacking up. :-/ I’m slowly weaning myself off of the narcotics, which is helping the brain fog. I’m only having to take something 2-3 times a day, rather than every 3 hours. So, that’s an improvement. 😀

Because of the creeping crud, I’ve really had to force myself to eat today… but, I’ve been pushing fluids, so we’ll see what happens with the scale tomorrow.

My day~
Drops at 9:00, 3:00, & 9:00
Breakfast was coffee & water
Snack was an apple and tea
Lunch was chicken (130g) and asparagus (85g) soup
Dinner was 100g beef & 130g Brussels sprouts.

Water count: 92 oz (+48 oz hot tea)

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4 thoughts on “Day twenty-seven – Damn “the man”…

  1. Yes, it pisses me off too!! I’m thinking the same thing. Maybe I should buy whatever I think I’m going to need for the rest of my weight loss goals, and a bit extra just in case. They say it doesn’t work and the only reason you lose weight is because of the 500 cal diet. Ha! Sure, you try a 500 cal diet without HCG and then tell me there is no difference. uh huh.

    I’m sorry you are feeling under the weather and I hope you get over it quickly.

    Cold? Are you in or near mountains? Us easterners think NV = desert and it’s always hot. I hope to take a trip to the southwest this spring though and learn more about your part of our country.

    Feel better!

    • I’m in Northern Nevada. Think Lake Tahoe, rather than Vegas. It’s a big state. 🙂 We’re “high desert”, we get snow (sometimes LOTS) in the winter & 100-plus degrees in the summer. And, just to keep us guessing, we can get snow in the summer, too. LOL! (I can remember _at least_ 3 (in the past 10 years) Independence Days watching fireworks in the snow. 🙂

    • Oh yeah… It was 19 degrees this morning on my way to work. But, it warmed up to a balmy 43 at lunch. Almost didn’t need my sweater! LOL
      And biggest down side to the success of this diet? I’m losing my thermal integrity!

  2. I just whipped up my first batch last night. I never wanted to buy the premixed drops – and don’t want to do injections so I opted for mixing it myself. And I posted a video of it as well – mixing is super easy!

    smh… Damn Big Brother trying tokeep us all fat!… lol… Keep up the good work girlie!

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