Day twenty-six – The number of Walt Disney’s Oscars (for his birthday!)

Today’s weight: 246.2
today’s change: -1.2
net change: -21.2

I just spent the last two hours sitting on the couch reading, with the pups under a blanket on my lap… So, with it being so close to my bedtime, I’m going to keep this super short.

Obviously the yogurt yesterday didn’t throw me off my game. LOL

My day~
Drops at 8:00, 1:00, & 8:00
Breakfast was coffee & water
Snack was an apple and  tea
Lunch was 100g ground 99% turkey breast & 135g tomatoes (mini-meatballs in soup!)
Dinner was 100g ground 96/4 beef & 130g celery cooked with a splash of salsa & garlic
Dessert was ‘strawberry jam & toast’

Water count: 88 oz (+24 oz hot tea)

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4 thoughts on “Day twenty-six – The number of Walt Disney’s Oscars (for his birthday!)

  1. wow, you are doing wonderfully! How nice to log on here and see what great progress you have been making. Are you feeling recovered from your surgery? I didn’t realize you have fibro too. What a challenge. I hope the healthier you become, the better you feel also.

    I think of you whenever I don’t think I drank enough water for the day. I like the way you post it every day.

    • I’m slowly recovering. The Fibro really doesn’t help when it comes to that type of thing… I’ve had to rely on pain medication a lot more than Roomie (who had a similar surgery a week before me!). She’s been off of everything (even IBU) for almost 2 weeks! But, I didn’t have to take a percocet for bed last night, I was able to fall asleep with some ache – rather than the PAIN I’d been having.

      Oh my gosh! Did you see the articles about the FDA cracking down on hCG??

  2. But, did she plunge right back into work and everything else you’ve been doing? Besides, it doesn’t matter what anyone else does, as long as you are doing all right.

    I googled FDA and HCG. Scary!! Heaven forbid we find a solution that doesn’t make the drug companies and medical establishment buckets of money. I really hate to even think of this option being taken away. I’ve fought my weight all my life and this is the only thing that has worked for me. grrrr.

    • She took a couple more days of than I did. But, they only did some disk work on her. They actually had to cut a piece of my bone to get to the cyst. :-O

      That’s exactly how I felt when I read it!! Basically, I feel screw ’em. If I can’t get it from an American company, then… well, guess one of those overseas pharmacies will get my $$! I am not stopping. I have felt amazing, I’m looking great, and I’ve dropped over 20 pounds so far. I know a lot of people who have done this diet, and as long as it’s done right there are no problems with it.

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