Day twenty-five – TWENTY POUNDS DOWN!

Today’s weight: 247.4
today’s change: -0.8
net change: -20 !

Just got home from my bestie’s house. We had dinner (she’s on the protocol, too) & watched the newest Pirates movie. Movie was fun… but it really feels like they’re just milking it now. No real story line.

I didn’t get anything done today that I intended to, except for taking new swimsuit pictures. No bikini pics yet, sorry. 🙂  So, it’s been about six weeks since I did my last set of pictures. And BOY! What a difference already!  I’m going to set up a “progress picture” page, so I don’t have to keep flipping back and forth between posts to see changes… so look for the pics there.

So, I read in one of the protocols that occasionally non-fat Greek yogurt (3/4 cup) can be used in place of a fruit serving. We tried that today. I made chicken & asparagus, and we used the yogurt with a bunch of spices as a ‘sauce’. It was very tasty. I found that something occurred in either the heating or with asparagus or something, though. The yogurt separated… so we sort of ended up with curds and whey instead of a smooth sauce. It was a bit odd, but still yummy.  I’ll see tomorrow if the yogurt replacement throws off my loss.

My day~
Drops at 7:45, 1:30, & 8:00
Breakfast was coffee & water
Snack was 100g strawberries (blended  with stevia) & melba (Jam & Toast!!) and  tea
Lunch was 100g chicken, 1/2 cup (ran out!) Greek yogurt, & 70g asparagus
Dinner was 100g beef & salad (mostly romaine lettuce, but a bit of other stuff in there

Water count: 80 oz (+36 oz hot tea)

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One thought on “Day twenty-five – TWENTY POUNDS DOWN!

  1. wow thats awesome!! Congrats! very inspiring, best wishes your way!

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