Day twenty-four- feeling meh today…

Today’s weight: 248.2
today’s change: -0.6
net change: -19.2

Meh. Very low-spoon-day…
Went grocery shopping & pet food store. Came home & split meat out into single serving sizes for the freezer. Went for a short (0.7mi) walk with the dogs – in the frigid wind. Made lunch, made dinner. Not quite 8pm & I’m bushed! I didn’t get half the stuff done that I wanted to. Wanted to get Christmas lights up on the garage, wanted to finish cleaning the kitchen, wanted to vacuum… not happening. Maybe tomorrow.

I made up a Crawfish Mushroom Creole (recipe below) for dinner. It was pretty tasty. It would totally be better with butter in it. At least according to Hubby & Roomie. LOL

Oh! Did I mention yesterday that I won a contest in one of my SparkPeople groups? I won a copy of Dance Central 2 for my Kinect! I’m looking forward to getting it… I’m hoping that I can do some of the dances without irritating my back too much, so I can get in some exercise besides walking.

Okay. Short & sweet tonight. I’m going to go take a pain pill & take the puppies to bed.

My day~
Drops at 8:00, 2:00, & 5:30
Breakfast was coffee & water
Snack was an apple & tea
Lunch was 100g beef & 100g spinach
Dinner was Crawfish Mushroom Creole with 75g Miracle Noodles
I really need to eat another apple… but I’m so dang tired!

Water count: 72 oz (+48 oz hot tea)

Crawfish Mushroom Creole

Crawfish Tail Meat (Boudreaux’s), 340 gram
Mushrooms, fresh, 390 grams
Chicken Stock, .5 cup
Granulated Garlic
Dehydrated Chopped Onion
White pepper
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper

Slice mushrooms.
In a large saucepan, cook mushrooms, stock, & spices (to taste – I used a dash here and a dash there of each). Cook until mushrooms begin to get tender and then throw in crawfish.
Cook until heated through.

Makes 3 servings
per serving: 140kcal / 2g fat / 7g carb / 24g protein

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