Day nineteen – a clean stove is a happy stove

Today’s weight: 254.6
today’s change: -1.6
net change: -12.8

Yay! Almost back to where I was when I had to break for my surgery! (Only 0.2 shy, so close…)  I’ll be glad when I see the next new number on the scale. I have to get below 253.4 for that (my lowest weight in over 6 years, which I hit twice in the past two weeks), but I figure it’ll only be a day or two.

My back is kinda pissed off at me right now. Like I said the other day, I think I may have pulled a muscle when trying to manhandle the turkey out of my way on the stove on Thursday. (Yes, I should have called hubby and had him move it… but dammit! I hate feeling so bloody helpless!) Then standing & cooking for many hours, then the shopping yesterday… And then today, I worked on getting my kitchen clean.

It’s been really messy for a long while now (hubby’s idea of ‘clean the kitchen’ and mine have quite some distance between them), and I’m just so tired of looking at it! Plus, with the purchase of the Keurig yesterday, I had to make space for it.  My kitchen is TINY! We call it a 1-butt kitchen (meaning if you get 2 butts in there, no one can move around). My counter space is practically non-existent. And it probably doesn’t help that I have a really bad “small kitchen appliance & gadget” habit. But, that makes for a very crowded 1-butt kitchen. So, anyway, I rearranged some of the stuff on counters. Swapped a shelf to the other side of the kitchen, moved the knife blocks, and moved my Nuwave oven to a different counter. That actually gave me room to set up the Keurig and to be able to have my food scale & a cutting board on the counter. (Instead of on an upside-down cookie sheet on the stove top! Did I mention my kitchen is stupidly little? lol)

So, today I worked on cleaning the kitchen. And I played some of the beta of a new video game – Star Wars : The Old Republic. It’s fun… I’m not sure I’m going to buy it, though… kinda spendy for the game its self, and then there’s a monthly service fee (and I already pay one of those for World of Warcraft).  I don’t know. Hubby & a lot of my WoW friends are going to be playing it… so I’m tempted, just so I can play with them… but I have to think about it more.

My day~
Drops at 8:00, 12:00, & 5:30
Breakfast was  coffee & water
Lunch was 100g beef, 130g spinach, & garlic melba
Snack was an apple & tea
Dinner was 100g chicken & 130g yellow squash cooked in tumeric & pepper

Water count: 80 oz (+16 oz hot tea)

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One thought on “Day nineteen – a clean stove is a happy stove

  1. Happy Monday! Good luck with the work week, and hope your back doesn’t continue to be pissed at you. Nothing like a health care professional to not rest and take it easy like we’re told to do, not that I myself would know anything about that :—-)

    Funny about hubbies, mine has a different idea of “clean” here as well. I have to stay out of kitchen gadget stores or I get into trouble.

    Excellent news with your weight loss! I’ve been kind of stuck with the weight loss for a couple days, too much tennis I think, and too much salt. I’m only about 10 pounds below you, or ahead of you so I’d better get going or you’ll catch up with me. Here’s to onward and downward for both of us!!

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