Day eighteen – that’s the way, uh huh uh huh

Today’s weight: 256.2
today’s change: -2.2
net change: -11.2

I like it! Yay for downward movement… even with a blip to start out my morning yesterday. Woot! I figure another day or two, and I’ll be back to my lowest & beyond.

Swimsuit shopping was a bust (as I figured it would be… NOVEMBER!), but I did find a couple of cute blouses at Ross, a really adorable black sweater dress (hello, 1983), and nice little black & white dress. Sis didn’t go home empty handed, though… she ‘shopped in my closet’ for a swimsuit. She took home 3 of my old ones to try on. They’re still in good shape, one even still had tags. When I was really active in water aerobics, I stocked up on suits because they stretched out so quickly. Chlorine is NOT nice to fabric.

Hubby & I went grocery shopping this morning. Costco was like a ghost town! Sooo nice!! Got lots of meat, apples, & veggies. The meat should last us a couple of weeks & the produce should last at least 4, possibly until next weekend.
My happy-happy purchase, though, was a Keurig machine! yay!! Costco had a screaming deal on them. At Walmart, they have the 3-size brewer, with 12 K-cups, for $149. Costco, on the other hand, had the 5-size brewer, with 60 K-cups AND the K-me basket (so you can use your own coffee or loose leaf tea), for the same price!  Score!

Of course… between the two shopping trips, my back is screaming… So, I’m going to get off the computer, take a Percocet, & lay on the couch with the dogs for a while before bed. Maybe I’ll watch the new Harry Potter… we picked that up on Blue-Ray the other day… Hmm…

My day~
Drops at 8:00, 12:00, & 5:30
Breakfast was  coffee & water
Lunch was 100g turkey breast (leftovers) & an apple
Snack was 125g cucumber, garlic melba, & tea
Dinner was 100g chicken, 150g grape tomatoes, & a tbsp fresh cut salsa
Gonna go snack on an apple & some tea now…

Water count: 80 oz (+32 oz hot tea)

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