Day seventeen – You know what they say about good intentions…

Today’s weight: 258.4
today’s change: +4.2
net change: -9.0

Four pounds… Not unexpected… but still sucky.
Considering I was starting back on my drops & considering EVERYTHING that I ate yesterday, I guess I’m just glad it wasn’t more!

So, my good intentions was to get right back on the VLCD bandwagon today. Yup, that road to hell reared it’s ugly head… in the form of home made fudge. *sigh* And a piece of candy and a mini doughnut…  Yeah. I did actually make the conscious decision to eat those things. It’s not like it was mindless snacking.  Where I ran into trouble today, is that my co-workers who are also doing hCG diets started their second rounds yesterday. Which meant that today was their second gorge day. They knew that I was also starting my drops back up yesterday… And I think they just assumed that I’d be doing two days of gorging as well. But, I didn’t.

Actually, all things considered, I wasn’t TOO horribly bad…  I hit right around 700 calories all-told today. Way, way more fat and carbs than I should have; and I didn’t eat my second serving of veggies or fruit.

Oh well. Live and learn and move on. Tomorrow is a new day, and all that jazz.

Work wasn’t too strenuous today, what with being the day after Thanksgiving… Most doctor’s offices were closed & the hospital wasn’t in any hurry to do any discharges. So, while I was still able to keep my nurses hopping (mostly because one of them went home sick – stupid GERDs), it was well paced and I was able to get all of my paperwork/chart audits done for the day.

I’m tired, though, and rocking a low-grade headache… so I think I may head off to be early. (I’m such a party-animal… 8pm on a Friday night… *grin*)  Especially since I have shopping to do tomorrow. Since hubby & roomie are both doing this diet with me now, we need to stock up on meat & veg & apples. And then break the meat down into single serving sizes & freeze. (So. Much. Easier.)  And, my sis wants me to go swimsuit shopping with her tomorrow afternoon…. (Really? Swimsuit shopping in late November? In North America?  Sounds like I’m in for a wild goose chase…)

So, did anyone partake in Black Friday shopping? Personally, I partook of “Buy Nothing” day… but mostly because I had to work & didn’t see anything online that I ‘had’ to have.

My day~
Breakfast was  coffee & water, and then 1 oz mint fudge, 1 mini Take 5 bar, & 1 mini chocolate covered doughnut.
Snack was an apple & tea.
Lunch was 100g turkey breast (leftovers) & 125g spinach.
Dinner was 100g tri tip steak & a tbsp fresh cut salsa.

Water count: 80 oz (+16 oz hot tea)

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4 thoughts on “Day seventeen – You know what they say about good intentions…

  1. Your victory here is it was a conscience decision to eat those things you knew weren’t allowed on the plan. There is nothing worse than logging in your journal and realizing only then you ate something you shouldn’t have. This just shows how far you have come! (And really, only superman can resist home made fudge).

  2. Don’t lose heart! That 4 pounds will come off again. I’m surprised you haven’t gained already from all the stress of surgery and going back to work so soon, and I’m sure there is no stress at work :—)

    I hate to shop on a good day, so there is no way you’re getting me to a store on Black Friday! I will think good thoughts for you as you tackle your shopping tomorrow

    • Noooo… no stress at all….
      I’m fortunate in that my interactions with most families/patients is minimal. I sign ‘em up at get ‘em to the care teams. Most of what I do is over the phone & fax. But, it’s still lots of emotional stress. And it doesn’t help that sometimes other staff is 11 years old. A Bratty 11, at that.

      As for shopping… I like it sometimes. But, I’m more of a “Cyber Monday” shopper, than a “Black Friday” one. Fewer crowds. lol

      Needless to say, our shopping trip today – while I got some really cute clothes at Ross & the thrift store we stopped at – was a dismal failure in the way of swim suits. So, my sis ended up “Shopping in my closet” as she likes to do… (that’s twice this week!) I have several swimsuits from my aquacize days that I don’t wear anymore. So, she took 3 of them to see if any of them fit.

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