Day … Let’s say sixteen

Today’s weight: 254.2
today’s change: -0.2
net change: -13.2

Yay! Back on my drops!!
Like I said yesterday, I went ahead and had a gorge day today. Oh, boy, did I!

I’m fighting off a food coma, and I have to get to bed anyway – since I have to work tomorrow – so this probably won’t be terribly long… As in, I’m going to just run down everything I ate today & go to bed.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I ate:
Breakfast Rice Pudding, an iced mocha with whipped cream, clam dip & ruffles, a chocolate marshmallow santa, veggies w/ ranch dressing, cranberry cheese log & multigrain crackers, turkey, mashed cauliflower, mashed sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry/huckleberry sauce, sparkling apple cider, a dinner roll, pumpkin cheesecake, jewel salad, whipped cream, mulled hot cider.

Um… yeah, I think that’s it… I didn’t eat a whole lot of any item, though… but I’m too tired right now to break it all down.

Water count was pretty bad, I only got in about 60 oz . I’m going to chug a bottle on my way to bed…

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3 thoughts on “Day … Let’s say sixteen

  1. Oh dear, can’t read that list of food since I’m on P2! LOL Did your Friday go better at work? I hope you can rest this weekend because there are no holidays next week, even though I think there should be. I’ve declared all Wednesdays holidays but no one will listen to me.

    • Hehe, yes, all Wednesdays _should_ be holidays!

      I totally know what you mean about that food list! When I was thinking back to all that I put in my mouth… It’s no wonder I’d managed to gain so much weight over the years! Up until a few months ago, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about eating most of that stuff on a regular basis!

      So far, work is going better… speaking of which, I need to get back to it. Lunch break is almost over. *sigh*

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