Break: days 6 & 7

Today’s weight: 256.2
Difference from last drop day: +1.8

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday… hope you’ll all forgive me. That whole surgery thing kinda put a hitch in my getalong…

We got up REALLY early (5:15am) so that I could do my prep (had to wipe myself down with these GIANT handiwipes LOL), get dressed, & get to the hospital by 6:00.  Once I got there, they prepped me, gowned me, drew more blood, had to use 4 different machines before they could get my blood pressure (they were having a hard time reading my low), and then let my hubby back with me for about 20 minutes before rolling me away to surgery. They rolled me to surgery around 7:30. I came to around 9:30. I guess I was forgetting to breath, though, as all I remember is them constantly telling me to ‘breath – in through the nose, out through the mouth’…
Hubby & best friend, Shana, got to take me home around11:30.

Yesterday, once I was home, was pretty much spent slipping in and out of sleep. Today I was much more awake, but OWIE!! I hurt. My leg actually feels fine, where the nerves were being pinched – that’s relieved. But, it hurts quite a lot around the incision site & the muscles along my lumbar (where the surgery happened).

I’ll just keep taking things one day at a time, and I know I’ll get better and stronger at a good rate. I’m moving around a lot better now than I was this morning. So, that’s a good sign. 🙂

So, I’m up 2.6 pounds today (2.8 from day 5). But, I know exactly why… yesterday, I wanted nothing but carbs!!  I started out with some graham crackers & sprite, moved on to Kraft mac & cheese for lunch, then had Chinese food (lemon chicken, honey garlic chicken, & chow mein) for dinner.  Yup, no wonder I’m up so much! Carb loading & a ton of sodium!

Today was better on the food front…

My day~
Breakfast was two fried eggs.
Snack was 2 cheese sticks & coffee/heavy cream.
Lunch was 4oz flank steak & 3/4 cup cucumber slices with a tablespoon of blue cheese dressing.
Dinner was not quite so good (but I’m still within my carb count). 1/6th of a Papa Murphy’s Gourmet Chicken Bacon Artichoke deLITE pizza and 1/2 cup egg nog.

I’m planning on eating some pork & blue cheese sauce in about an hour to up my protein. I’m still kinda low for the day.

Water count: 70 oz (+32 oz hot herbal tea)
And, running on about 6 Percocet so far… with 2-3 more to take today. *sigh*

Another cool thing… I’m going to Vegas with some girlfriends in February, to see Adam Ant. And the tickets came today! WOOT!! (Can you tell I love concerts? 😀 )

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