Break: day 1

Today’s weight: 251.8
today’s change: down 1.6
net change: down 15.6

Today was a good day. Hubby took me to Jack’s (our favorite greasy spoon diner) and I ordered an incredible Mexican omelet & cottage cheese… I ate about a third of it. LOL – 3 egg omelet… huge!  But, it was SOOOO GOOD! (Have I mentioned that I missed cheese? A lot?) I guess the good thing is that I now have breakfast for two more days. 🙂

I started going through my closet today… I’ve filled up (and then some) a paper box with give-away clothes. Yay! I’ve sorted my pants onto three shelves: the shelf that fits me right now, the shelf that will fit soon, and the shelf that I need to loose 20-30 pounds to get into. Then, I still have a suitcase tucked away in the top of the closet with pants that are even smaller than that. I got rid of about half of my dresses… and about a third of my blouses.  I’ll need to do blouse shopping for my next size drop. I don’t have any that are too small for me to wear right now, so…

I think one of the most thrilling parts of sorting through the clothes… was putting on a pair of capri’s that pretty much fit me this past summer:

Yup. They’re HUGE on me now!
I actually just folded those up and put them on my top shelf… I plan on using those as my before pants for when I’m done losing weight. And, to remind myself that I never want to get that big again.

After sorting clothes, the roommate & I went to Shana’s for dinner & to play board games/watch movies. It was a very nice evening. (The hubby had a man-date with his gamer buddies.)

My day~
Breakfast was ice tea, Mexican omelet, & cottage cheese.
Snack was a iced coffee with heavy cream & an apple.
Dinner was a pork stir fry with LOTS of veggies in it.
Dessert was strawberries & blueberries in heavy cream
(We slept in this morning, so breakfast was more of a brunch…)

Water count: 82 oz

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