Day thirteen… not usually bad luck…

Today’s weight: 255.2
today’s change: down none 😦
net change: down 12.2

Well dangit. I was doing so well…. *sigh*  But, this morning was no loss.  I know it’ll happen occasionally, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating when it does happen.
Part of it may be my body just adjusting… This is the lowest weight I’ve been since at least 2007! (That’s when my tracking spreadsheet got started.) Prior to the last couple of days, my lowest weight since then was 257.2, and that was a year ago (which immediately shot back up several pounds by the next week).  I know I managed to get down in the 235ish range when I was doing really strict Atkins… But as soon as I stopped being so strict, it shot right back up (of course).

I’m hoping (praying?) that this diet will reset everything, so while I won’t be able to eat anything & everything, I’ll be able to eat a healthy diet with occasional treats and not shoot up 20 pounds.
Guess we’ll see!

Oh! And I wore another pair of pants today, that I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I was able to fasten!
So! Happy!

My day~
Drops at 8:00, 1:45, & 5:30.
Breakfast was coffee & water.
Snack at 11:00 was an apple.
Lunch at 2:30 was 109g flank  steak & 140g cucumber.
Dinner at 6:00 was 100g tilapia & 120g of shredded cabbage (with tumeric & cayan pepper) & an apple.

Water count: 86 oz

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