On the twelfth day of HCG… my true love gave to me….

Today’s weight: 255.2
today’s change: down 1.0
net change: down 12.2

Well, okay, he didn’t really give me anything… but I did get my hair trimmed today.
My lady commented on how skinny I was looking when I walked in the door! So, that was nice.
I also got to wear another pair of pants that I haven’t been able to fit in in yonks… Brown paisley corduroys! I’m stylin’!  I really need to buckle down this coming weekend and go through my closet and try things on & get rid of the stuff that is too big on me… And dig out the stuff that was too small for me last winter. It’ll be almost like having a whole new wardrobe! LOL

My day~
Drops at 8:00, 1:15, & 5:30.
Breakfast was coffee & water.
Snack at 11:00 was an apple. (I was feeling a bit hungry early today… not sure why)
Lunch at 2:00 was 100g beef, 120g cucumber, & 15g garlic melba.
Dinner at 7:30 was 100g chicken breast & 120g of cubed yellow squash (sauteed in a tablespoon of chicken broth with tumeric & cayan pepper. SOO GOOD!), & an orange.

Water count: 88 oz

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