Just a random update…

*does a happy dance with Grover arms*

So, last night, the hubby and I went to a Weird Al concert. So. Much. FUN!

I'm not insane... I just perform this way HAY!

But, the happy dance isn’t for the concert… the actual HIGHLIGHT of the night had nothing to do with our night out. It was actually in the preparation for the evening! After my shower, I went to grab my jeans… and when I pulled them on & fastened them, they FELL OFF! Yup.  So, I went to my stack of ‘skinny’ clothes. And, the jeans that I couldn’t get fastened this time last year FIT PERFECT!! Not even tight! They didn’t even make belly marks, after sitting in them at the concert for several hours!  AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

So, I’m now officially in my old size 18 jeans. *giddy*giddy*giddy*

I seriously can’t wait to do my 1 month photos!! I’ll be willing to bet that the change is amazing. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Just a random update…

  1. Wow!! Congrats girl! 🙂 How exciting! Keep it up!

  2. It really is exciting. I lost 26.7 (i think!) on R1P2 in 40 days before moving onto P3/Leptin Reset. 🙂 Keep it up!

  3. The more I read your posts, the more excited I get! I want MY jeans to fall off!… lol… Good job lady!

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