Day eleven! Still going STRONG!

Today’s weight: 256.2
today’s change: down 0.8
net change: down 11.2

Not a full pound, but I’ll totally take it! LOL
I ended up not eating my second fruit or any more melba last night… When we got home from the concert, I was just too darn tired to even think about food. I went straight to bed!  I had a blast, but it was a really late night. The concert didn’t even start until after 9pm.

Did some grocery shopping today, as I ran out of beef & was down to just a couple of apples… I bought myself some 99/1 ground turkey breast to test out. I know it’s not on the allowed food list, but I’m going to see how I react to it on this diet anyway. It’s pretty much got the same calorie/fat count as chicken, so…  And, really, another flavor meat is a good thing. 🙂

My day~
Drops at 9:00 (slept in!), 12:45, & 7:00.
Breakfast was coffee & water.
Lunch at 2:00 was my Chicken Florentine soup.
Snack at 4:30 was an apple.
Dinner at 7:30 was 100g ground turkey breast & 120g of shredded yellow squash, mashed together into little patties and grilled & 15g garlic melba.
Right now, I’m eating another apple.

Water count: 70 oz
(today was not a good water-day… but I’ll try to get another 20 or so ounces in before I go to sleep)

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