Day 10 – concerts galore!

Today’s weight: 257.0
today’s change: down 1.0
net change: down 10.4

Dun dun dun… another pound bites the dust!

Looks like the little bit of lotion from my nail appointment didn’t hurt anything. That’s good. Because I always need it… the hands get so dang dry in that UV thing…

I’m getting ready to head out to the Weird Al concert, so this will be a pretty short post, too. 🙂
I say Concerts Galore, because my favorite band of ALL FLIPPING TIME played a concert tonight in Argentina… which was streamed live! So, I got to watch my INXS boys do their thing!! LOVE IT!

My day~
Drops at 8:00, 1:00, & 6:45.
Breakfast was iced coffee & water.
Lunch at 1:30 was 100g flank steak, 120 g tomatoes, & 6g garlic melba.
Snack at 4:00 was an apple.
Dinner at 7:30 was 100g shrimp, 120g of romaine lettuce, & some chopped onion and garlic for flavor.
I’ll have another fruit tonight after the concert & probably another 6g of melba.

I’m planning on having a club soda with a twist of lime at the concert… it’s nice to have something in your hand and beer is right out. LOL

Water total: 88oz

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