One week down! Today is day 8…

Today’s weight: 259.0
today’s change: down 0.4
net change: down 8.4

Only .4 loss today… well, don’t know if it’s because of the weird meal timing or the Brussel sprouts. But something didn’t work out so well for me yesterday. M, one of my co-workers, says that she read that we should never double up on the meal… so maybe that was the problem. We’ll see how I’m doing tomorrow. And I’ll give the sprouts another shot in a week or so.

My day~
Drops at 8:30, 12:30, & 6:00.
Breakfast was iced coffee & water.
Lunch at 1:30 was 100g flank steak, 100g strawberries, & 120g baby spinach.
Dinner at 6:45 was 100g shrimp, 100g of fresh tomatoes, & a serving of garlic melba.
Dessert at 7:15 is an apple.

Water total: 80oz

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One thought on “One week down! Today is day 8…

  1. I know your not sposed to double up on protein really on P2.. But I oftentimes do if I’m having a hard day with eating.. I’ll have a ‘mini steak day’ where I eat double the amount of steak and have a low-calorie veggie then a fruit later.
    Usually it makes me lose a good amount, but I think it’s different for everyone.. And I also noticed I need sleep in order to lose good. 🙂

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