Day seven!

Today’s weight: 259.4
today’s change: down 1.0
net change: down 8 !

I’m in the 250’s!! YAYYY!

Today was a slog. Not because of the diet (well, not much because of the diet), but because work was so insane that I didn’t get to go to lunch. Which meant that from dessert last night until dinner tonight, I ate only an orange & a serving of melba. *sigh*  Started to get a little bit of a headache, but actually felt much better that I expected, considering that being that late for food before starting the drops would have been MAJOR drama.

But, ending my first week at 8 pounds…with my first weekly weigh/measure to happen tomorrow! I’m excited!! Already, people at work are saying they see changes in my face and my clothes are looser.

My day~
Drops at 8:00, 2:30, & 8:00.
Breakfast was iced coffee & water.
Snack at 10:00 was an orange.
Snack at 2:00 was 15g of garlic melba.
No lunch – stuck at work.
Dinner at 6:30 was 200g grilled chicken & 200g of steamed Brussels sprouts with garlic & an apple.

Water total: 90oz

Hopefully Brussels sprouts count as cabbage for the diet… they’re in the same family as cabbage & broccoli, so… Guess I’ll know tomorrow morning if it causes slow down on loss.

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