Day five – da da da dahhhh

Today’s weight: 262.8
today’s change: down 1.0
net change: down 4.6

No headache! How awesome is that??

I’ve had a bit of a rumbely tummy all day, though… It’s probably been saying “Hey, lady! We’re used to having much more stuff down here!!” I haven’t been hungry, per se… but my stomach has definitely noticed that something is going on.

So, today was my first VLCD at work. Not too bad… but it makes it really hard to eat on any decent schedule. (Especially when your teammate goes to lunch an hour late, and you can’t go until they get back.)

Drops at 7:30, 1:30, & 5:30.
Breakfast was iced coffee & water.
Snack at 10:30 was an apple & 13g of wheat melba.
Lunch at 2:30(!) was 120g of shrimp & 55g of spinach.
Dinner at 7:00 was 100g of flank steak (YUM!) and 100g of tomatoes.
Dessert at 8:00 will be 90g of strawberries sprinkled with stevia.

Water total: 80oz

To reward myself with my first successful week, the hubby & I are going to go see Weird Al on Saturday. So excited!! Hubby is really being supportive. At first, I was afraid that he’d be very negative about this diet; but he’s been great!

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