Day two— sooo full!

Today’s weight: 267.2
net change: down 0.2

Day two with the drops. Another loading day.
I’m having a really hard time eating all of this food. I’ve pretty much felt uncomfortably full all day. *meh*
Today, I’ve eaten: French Toast sticks with syrup, most of a bacon/egg croissant sandwich, coffee, orange juice, a handfull of candy, two onion rings, a banana split, & a liter of water. Planning on going to Red Lobster for dinner… hope I can choke enough down to make it worth while!

Tomorrow is my first 500 calorie day. Here we go!
I’m very excited. 😀

ETA: OMG! So flipping full! Ate a ton of shrimp!  I’m thinking that the load days are so that you’re still feeling full for the 3 weeks after! LOL

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One thought on “Day two— sooo full!

  1. Lol, i had the same thoughts!! 🙂
    My husband made me SUCH a big breakfast on the first day and I was SO stuffed just after that one meal.
    I have to admit, it was kinda fun tho 🙂 Loading.

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